Dock Rite Roll In Dock (Cedar Decking)

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Dock Rite Truss Style Dock Frame.

The Dock Rite truss style dock frame is precision welded for a durable, yet light-weight frame for your dock. Aluminum cross members and center stringers provide the frame with rigidity providing additional support. The Dock Rite Truss Style Dock frame is one of the most durable frames in the industry providing your family with a safe and stable surface to walk on. It is an attractive design with four options for decking that are recessed into the dock frame.

Dock Rite Offers Design Features That Provide Years Of Worry Free Use.

The Dock Rite truss style dock is easy to install. Roll-in, drop-in the decking, level with a cordless drill and enjoy. This style of dock works best when storage of long sections is not a problem. As with all roll-in type docks the water level should be less than 8 feet with a firm bottom. For deeper water or soft lake bottoms please see the information on floating docks.

  • Our screw jack legs come in sizes ranging from 42” to 90” for all your water depth needs. They are made of 2½” heavy wall tubing.
  • Leg pockets are oversized and welded to eliminate the need for multiple leg sizes and unsightly bracing.
  • 2 1/2" posts are available when screw jack are unnecessary.
  • Sand pads are interchangeable on any wheel assembly and provide a wide, solid base. Sand pads are ideal when portability is not an issue.
  • 1x2 dual center stringers for extra strength and support.
  • The modular design is easy to expand or add slips.
  • All of our aluminum products are backed by a 15 year structural warranty against defects in material and workmanship. All purchased materials will use the pass through warranty from the manufacturer of those products. Please see warranty statement for full details.